7Sisters is proud to be partnering with Pace University’s Women’s Leadership Institute this October 2016 to host 7Sisters LIVE@Pace.

Fast paced and unscripted, like social media but in person, 7Sisters LIVE Summits are a new edgy talk-show-style conference for college-age girls, ages 18-24.

From body image to bullying, fashion to food, race to relationships and everything in between, we’ll be covering topics no one else is talking about.

Female student filmmakers get behind the cameras and capture the live, face-to-face conversations for online streaming, connecting girls around the world and spreading powerful ideas that lift girls up.

7Sisters LIVE Summits. We put real girls center stage and give girls -not celebs- the mic.

What happens at a 7Sisters Summit? 7Sisters LIVE Summits are where girls talk about how to live in today’s world as a woman, straight up. Sharing our stories helps us to understand what is really going on so we can have our own opinion about things and make decisions for ourselves that make sense.  It also means recognizing the unique challenges women face no matter where we live or what our culture is and sharing ideas and experiences to help each other grow.  Real girls need a place to talk about real issues, to recognize our power and beauty, and help others recognize it too.   That’s what 7Sisters is all about.