Foundersphoto credit: Hilmar Meyer-Bosse

Marilyn Fezza

Co-Founder and CEO

Marilyn Fezza is a social entrepreneur, fashion designer, mother and feminist based in New York. Using her success building a fashion brand, she has teamed up with 26-year-old daughter Marisa to launch their exciting venture, the 7Sisters Project- a positive community that connects, empowers and mobilizes young women from all 7 continents.

Marilyn has had a career that many girls dream of; first NYU then on to F.I.T., and an exciting career traveling the world designing women’s sportswear. Marilyn and her husband founded the Andrew Fezza fashion brand when they were just 23 years old. Together, they grew the company to a highly acclaimed menswear company with Marilyn as COO and Co Creative Director.

Marilyn lives to break the mold. At Andrew Fezza Ltd, she broke the mold by integrating architecture, film and set design into their runway shows. As a social entrepreneur, she created ACE, the first after-school program implementing a “gifted” educational approach for all students in her local community. In her personal battle with breast cancer, she challenged the standard of care and, after research and adopting a wellness-oriented lifestyle, beat cancer.

She taught her kids to believe in themselves and follow their hearts. Walk the talk is how she rolls. Next stop, a radical shift in how girls see themselves reflected in the media, because she believes in the value of self determination and personal empowerment, the power of community and the magic that happens when good people come together around those ideals.

Marisa Fezza


Marisa’s high school video project showing how pop culture dumbs down girls was the impetus for the 7Sisters Project. After attending high school at Sacred Heart in Greenwich CT, she went on to the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Women’s Studies, Gender and Sexuality. While at Penn, Marisa enjoyed sorority life and served a two-year term on the Executive Board of Alpha Chi Omega. She is the Co-Founder and Associate Producer of 7Sisters.

Marisa spent many happy summers working as an Adventure Programs specialist at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, which is a life-changing summer program for children with life threatening illnesses.  She currently lives in New York City where she is a Senior Manager, People Operations at Knotel, a successful start-up.